Idaho DEQ Outdoor Open Burning Restrictions By County

Date Last Updated: 07/12/2024 6:10 AM
Current Air Quality

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  • This map may contain burn information from multiple agencies. DEQ restrictions are in accordance with IDAPA, 600-624 or local outdoor open burning ordinances.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure no additional burn restrictions are currently in place prior to burning.

  • Contact your local fire district or sheriff's office prior to ignition. Visit the Idaho Department of Lands web site for fire safety burn restriction information.

  • Advanced registration with DEQ is required before conducting crop residue burning. Visit DEQ's Crop Residue Burning to see requirements and apply for a permit.

  • For daily updates on Air Quality Forecasts, Residential Wood Burning Conditions, Real - time Air Quality Conditions and Trends, please visit our Daily AQ Forecast and Burn Conditions page.


Counties with No Outdoor Burning Restrictions
Counties with Conditional Burning Restrictions
Counties where Outdoor Burning is Prohibited
Not Available at This Time
Indian Lands