Protecting Public Health and the Environment

About the Source Water Assessment Database

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to assess every public water system in Idaho for its relative susceptibility to contaminants that are regulated by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. DEQ conducts source water assessments based on a land use inventory of the delineated source water assessment area, sensitivity factors associated with the drinking water source, and local aquifer characteristics. The ultimate goal of each source water assessment is to provide data that communities can use to develop protection strategies for their drinking water sources.

The resources and time available to accomplish source water assessments are limited. Therefore, an in-depth, site-specific investigation to identify each significant potential source of contamination for every public water system is not possible. The results of source water assessments should not be used as an absolute measure of risk, nor should they be used to undermine public confidence in the public water system. A particular susceptibility score does not imply that any regulatory or legal actions will occur. This report is intended to summarize information about public water systems in Idaho. Using or distributing the data contained in this report in a form other than that in which it is presented may inaccurately portray the data.

DEQ strongly encourages each public water system and community to use its source water assessment, combined with local knowledge and concerns, to develop strategies to protect drinking water sources. Multiple resources are available to help communities implement drinking water source protection programs, including EPA's Drinking Water Academy. Drinking water source protection activities for agriculture should be coordinated with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission, the local Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

For assistance in developing protection strategies, contact your local DEQ Regional Office or the Idaho Rural Water Association.

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