Protecting Public Health and the Environment

PWS Service Line Inventory Portal Help

To Enter and Submit Your Service Line Inventory:

Select Water System:
1. Enter either your PWS Number or your Water System Name under the Public Water System Search.
If unsure of the number or the exact spelling of the name, a partial name will bring up all the active water systems in Idaho with that word in the name.
Click on the PWS Number for the correct system.
If you do not see your system, please verify that you entered the correct PWS Number. If you are still unable to locate your PWS, contact your Compliance Officer with any questions.
2. Enter the password for your system. Note the password is the same password used to login to Drinking Water Contacts. Select ‘Login’.
3. This page displays your PWS name, ID number, and number of connections. The webpage displays the current number of connections for your system beside 'Number of Connections.' If the displayed count is accurate, click 'Yes' and select 'Next' to continue.
If the number of collections is not accurate, select ‘No’ and enter the correct number in the space provided. Select ‘Next’ to continue.
4. The final page is for uploading your service line inventory. Select ‘Choose File.’ Choose your service line inventory file. Upon successful entry, your file name should be displayed next to the 'Choose File' button.
5. Enter your name, phone number, and email address into the spaces provided. Select 'Submit.' Upon successful submission, you will promptly receive the confirmation message below, along with an email verifying that DEQ has received your submission.