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Consumer Confidence Reporting Tool (Due Jul. 01, 2024)

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Electronic Delivery of Consumer Confidence Reports:

Idaho now allows all sizes of community public water systems the option to deliver Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) electronically. All community public water systems are required to deliver CCRs to their customers by July 1st of every year and provide a certification to the Department that CCRs were delivered. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) interprets the requirement to “mail or otherwise directly deliver” to include electronic delivery. There are three elements to meet the “direct” delivery option:

  1. Electronic delivery must be in a manner that is direct such as utility bill mailings where a web address to the CCR is described and displayed prominently and that web address is a direct link to the CCR.
  2. The CCR must be provided by an alternative method if you are aware of a customer’s inability to receive a CCR electronically.
  3. All mail notifications of CCR availability need to display a message and the direct web address to the CCR.

Electronic delivery does not include social media such as Facebook or Twitter or automated phone calls.