Protecting Public Health and the Environment

If you are a licensed wastewater or drinking water system operator who is interested in providing professional services to other wastewater or drinking water systems and you authorize DEQ to disclose your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone information to the public for this purpose, please click "YES."

Do you give permission to the State of Idaho to release your name, telephone number, and mailing and e-mail address to the public pursuant to the Idaho Public Records Law?

The Idaho Public Records Law, Idaho Code Sections 9-338 and 9-348, prohibits the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), as a public agency, from distributing or providing to the public a mailing list or a telephone number list of licensed operators, UNLESS those individuals on the list have first given DEQ permission to release their information.

DEQ Drinking Water contact:
Kenley Hinrichs at or (208) 373-0542