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Proper Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Protection Activity: Best Management Practices

HHW is sometimes disposed of improperly when it is poured down the drain, onto the ground, into the storm sewers, or put in the trash. Some household hazardous waste can injure sanitation workers, contaminate wastewater treatment systems, or leak out of landfills into ground water. Therefore, it is important to properly dispose of HHW.

Many communities have household hazardous waste disposal programs available for free to citizens and small businesses. Even if your community does not have an official or all-inclusive program, many do recycle used oil, antifreeze, batteries, and refrigerators. If your community does not have a program, other no-cost solutions are available for specific wastes.  For example, local retail outlets may offer recycling of some hazardous wastes, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs, electronic equipment, and cell phones. Nonprofit organizations may be interested in leftover paint or used computers and monitors. If all else fails, call the manufacturer and see if it will recycle or properly dispose of the waste for you.


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