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Welcome to the Public Drinking Water System Connections and Contacts Review website. Please use the tabs above to navigate the site as follows:


Click on Home to return to this screen.


Click on Login to log into this application. This step is required for access to add or change contacts and population/connections. If you have forgotten your password, select Forgot Password from the Login menu. Then submit the form to receive an e-mail containing your password. If you are unsure of or need to obtain login information, please contact the DEQ Drinking Water contact indicated near the bottom of this page.


Click on Pop/Conn to update population and connections for your public water system.


Click on Contacts to view a listing of all contacts for your the public water system. You can add, edit, or delete a contact from the contact list. You may also add a new contact from the Contacts menu by selecting Add New Contact.

Verify/Add Licenses

Click on Verify/Add Licenses to view a listing of all operators and licenses for your public water system. Operator license verification is required when assigning a designated operator to your public water system. This is optional for operators. Clicking Verify/Add Licenses brings you to the Operator List page where you can select a license. Further instructions will appear on that page.

What's Missing

Click on What's Missing to view a summary of all information that needs to be addressed for your public water system.

Contact Type Definitions

Click Contact Type Definitions to see each contact type definition.

DEQ drinking water contact:
Curtis Stoehr at or (208) 373-0542