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IRWA - Wastewater Laboratory Methods with Toni Glymph Martin - Online

Start Date and Time: 02/06/2024 8:30 AM 
End Date and Time: 02/07/2024 4:30 PM 
Location: Online

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Registration Deadline Date and Time: 02/06/2024 8:30 AM 

Details: Wastewater Laboratory Methods with Toni Glymph Martin - Online This 2-day online training with expert Wastewater Microbiologist Toni Glymph Martin will cover the following training modules: A. Wastewater Microbiology & Process Control* The participants will learn the role of bacteria, protozoa and metazoa in the treatment process along with the conditions that allow them to do their best work of removing nutrients from the wastewater. The participant will also learn how to anticipate potential treatment system upsets and to troubleshoot and correct existing treatment system problems. This workshop includes an introduction to filamentous bacteria identification and control. B. Identification and Control of Filamentous Bacteria* The participants will learn a simplified method to identify filamentous bacteria, determine the conditions that favor their growth and methods to control and eliminate bulking and foaming caused by these microorganisms. C. Lagoon Microbiology The participants will learn the role of bacteria, protozoa, metazoa and algae in the lagoon treatment process. The course will focus on the role of algae and how to identify the different types of algae. The participant will also gain an understanding of conditions that contribute to algal blooms along with possible corrective actions. D. Monitoring Biological Nutrient Removal Systems* Participants will gain an understanding of the role and requirements for biological phosphorus and ammonia removal processes as well as methods to monitor the system microbiology. E. Developing a Wastewater Microbiology Laboratory Program* Participants will learn simple tools, and simple procedures for routinely monitoring wastewater treatment processes. Includes materials and standard operating procedures. Instructor: Toni Glymph Martin, Wastewater Microbiology Solutions Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Available: 1.2 Wastewater Cost: $240 IRWA Members / $420 Non-Members Location: Live Virtual This class is only offered by IRWA one time in 2024. These textbooks are available from Wastewater Microbiology Solutions. Click on the books to read a description and see pricing.

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Tondee Clark

Training Vendor: Idaho Rural Water Association
Fee: $240.00

Continuing Education:
Event Credit: 1.20 CEU
Accepted In: Idaho
Course Type: Online/Webinar/Virtual
CEU Course Number: WWP210311479

DEQ Drinking Water contact:
Curtis Stoehr at or (208) 373-0542