Coeur d'Alene Local Ordinances

The Coeur d'Alene Regional Office provides an Air Quality Advisory (AQA) for Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, St. Maries, Pinehurst, and the Kootenai County areas. The advisory is for outdoor open burning and woodstove use curtailment. The advisory is issued year-round as necessary.

The City of Sandpoint adopted Ordinance 1258, which was incorporated into the Sandpoint limited maintenance plan (PM10) and requires woodstove curtailment during a yellow or red burn advisory (issued by DEQ). The ordinance also requires EPA-certified woodstoves in new construction.

The City of Pinehurst adopted Resolution No. 68 (incorporated into the Pinehurst PM10 SIP), which requests individuals to voluntarily refrain from burning durning times when poor air quality is forecast.

Kootenai County area fire districts voluntarily agreed to abide with a daily AQA program administered by DEQ. The AQA provides increasing types of burn restrictions with increasing deterioration of air quality and forecasted air stagnation.