Request to Examine and/or Copy Public Records

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Facility Mapper
Please use our Facility Mapper resource ( to find the location and the Waste and Remediation programs for the records you are seeking.

Please include as much detail as possible, (for example: inclusive dates, most recent copy, document type, or other record specific information.) The more specific, the better we are able to respond to your request. Please note: if requesting all records, this could take a significant amount of time and incur a fee payment. DEQ doesn’t estimate fee costs prior to searching for records. Please see our fee schedule here:


Please attach a map of the location you are requesting records from. DEQ doesn’t track records by parcel numbers, (a parcel locator is found here: Please include a map with the city, cross streets, and outlined property lines for the location you are seeking records for. (Please use the resources above to check if DEQ might have records for the location you are submitting a record request for prior to sending the request.)

*Please complete the following Certification Statements:

I certify that any requested record or information will not be used for purposes as a mailing list or telephone number list prohibited by Idaho Code § 74-120. I acknowledge use of any record or information as such is punishable by a civil penalty up to $1,000 as described in Idaho Code § 74-120(11).
I certify that I will not use disclosed information for any illegal purpose.
I agree to reimburse the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality for all charges incurred according to the established fee schedule as described in Idaho Code § 74-102. (